Policies and Procedures

Social Media

  • All Networking Today social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…, must benefit the Networking Today Business Spotlight Speaker of the week or the group itself.
  • Boosting is at the discretion and budget of the meeting leadership team.
  • Removal of Social Media editing rights at the discretion of at least two of Networking Today management


General Policies

  • All rules and policies for the place we are meeting are to be upheld unless otherwise stated herein.
  • Courtesy and respect to all.
  • Professional business practices at all times according to the prudent and ordinary person.
  • NT has zero-tolerance policy against harassment of any kind regardless of the nature.
  • NT has zero-tolerance policy for verbal or physical abuse – intolerance and harassment will never be accepted as deemed by the prudent and ordinary person.
  • Silence mobile & electronic devices
  • NT encourages firearm carry according to the law in the state in which the meeting is being held in respect of discreteness and courtesy to others.  We encourage concealed carry.
  • The leadership approves all local leadership positions with first right revision.
  • A positive meeting experience is expected without insult, crude, or lewd behavior toward others
  • No alternative networking meeting groups will be criticized.  Additionally, Networking Today encourages involvement and participation in other networking meetings such as BNI, TNT, REO, etc.
  • Philanthropic and political for charitable support to be approved by management
  • All management decisions are final
  • All new meeting locations must be approved by management.  Only management can create or disassemble a chapter.
  • All paid advertising including NT Directory, Mobile App Advertising, and/or meeting Business Spotlight Speaker Spots may be subject to termination by management.