NTi TV and Podcast Appearance Request Form

NTi TV Podcast Appearance Request

NTi Television is meant to give every member increased exposure, but we also hope that the NTi Television Network reaches beyond just NTi.  Our host, Jim Johnson, will be interviewing business professionals both who are existing members and non-members alike.  When you register below, our registration form automatically identifies you as a member or non-member, and the price is adjusted accordingly.  Your interview on the NTi Television Network is live streamed to YouTube, Facebook, and the NTi website simultaneously.  Then, we will deliver a copy of the interview to YOU so that you may share on your social media and website.  We will then archive your interview on our YouTube Channel and our website.  NTi will also strip the audio off and host the audio on our SoundCloud Podcast Channel; which is also fed to our iTunes Podcast channel.  We will use the text content to create a blog post on our website for even greater exposure.  In total, a $5,000 value!!!  NTi Members will pay just $450; while non-members will pay $750 per interview.  Sign up today — it’s going to be GREAT!!!!!