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A little about our member:

Starship Credit repair is an agent of Sterling Credit Group. We have been licensed and bonded for 20 years, have an A+ rating with the BBB, have helped 90,000+ clients repair their credit, average 120 – 200 pt credit score increase, and generally remove 85% – 90% of negative items. I like to connect with Mortgage lenders, Insurance agents, and high-end sales agents (car dealers, equipment dealers, RV & boat dealers, etc) to help you close more deals and to offer clients better interest rates by improving their credit scores. We offer FREE credit repair for referral partners and their spouses. I do FREE consultations.

Starship Energize is an independent consultant for Ambit energy offering my clients competitive electricity and natural gas rates and opportunities to earn free energy. I am a recruiter building a team of entrepreneurial professionals that are interested in building their own energy consulting businesses. Additionally, I specialize in offering commercial businesses competitive energy rates and assisting non-profit organizations in fundraising through Ambit to earn immediate as well as residual income for their organizations.

Previously, I worked as a heavy equipment business co-owner for 23 years. Working with corporate procurement officers and executives from all commercial industries I purchased and handled transport logistics of their asset disposals of heavy equipment. I also managed the office, accounting, sales and customer service.

In my “spare time” I am the editor, blog writer and affiliate marketing online store manager for Fearless Treasures Blog ( ). It started as an endeavour to encourage my readers to live life fearlessly through life’s triumphs and trials. Having survived triumphantly through manifold victories and tragedies in my life I write from the wellspring of events and emotions that I have experienced by the grace of God. I am also available to speak to groups on topics related to subjects such as grief, tragedy, abuse, and violence survival, etc..

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