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  • Leader: Rich DeForest
  • eMail: Rich@NetworkingTodayIntl.com
  • Contact: 865.679.0340
  • Geographical Target: Greater Knoxville
  • Country: US
  • State: TN
  • City: Knoxville
  • Day/Time: Every Sunday 3 AM
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Meeting Purpose: Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Meeting Participation: Open to ALL
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About this Meeting

This Meeting Room has been created for the members and guests of the NTi Main Event Local Meeting located here in Knoxville, TN. We normally meet every Thursday from 9:00-10:30 a.m. EST, and would love to have you join us. If you are not yet a member of NTi, and need the Guest Link to join us, please send a text to our Meeting Leader, Rich DeForest at 865.679.0340.

By the way, this meeting is open to all.

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