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  • Leader: Rich DeForest
  • eMail: Rich@NetworkingTodayIntl.com
  • Contact: 865.679.0340
  • Geographical Target: Global
  • Country: US
  • State: TN
  • City: Knoxville
  • Day/Time: Every Monday 2 PM
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Meeting Purpose: Mastermind
  • Meeting Participation: Exclusive to Members
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About this Meeting

True genius is not being a genius; it’s surrounding yourself by genius. If you believe in the philosophy that suggests that you are the sum total of the 5 closest people to you, then you also know the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are either better or equal to you. NTi Mastermind Meetings are the advanced development team you’ve been searching for! Each NTi Mastermind is an an exclusive group of up to 7 of the most talented people you know who may have similar aspirations and drive, but in a different industry or business category. Meeting weekly builds trust and a collaborative environment where you can let your guard down and be real with like-minded professionals who share a common goal to succeed. NTi Mastermind Meetings offer guided discussion sessions combined with group conversation and feedback to help you take your business to the next level of success! To join this Meeting Room, you must be approved by the peer members and invest $100 per month. Ready to take that step? Ready to invest in yourself? Visit https://www.NetworkingTodayIntl.com/NTiMastermind to get started today! For questions, please eMail Rich DeForest at Rich@NetworkingTodayIntl.com or text him at 865.679.0340.

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