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Joelle Lawrence Ambassador/Founding Member of VELOVITA 760-707-7241

A little about our member:

Hi, I just moved here from Southern California and I am loving Tennessee. I am a business owner that believes that relationship building is the only way to do business, so NTI was the perfect fit. A little about me: I am an empty nester who has raised 3 amazing grown kids (I guess we never really stop raising them) and I have two of the most beautiful grand daughters you have ever seen in your life. If you don’t believe me I have pics to prove it 🙂 Like many people, I was let go of a “great job” in April due to Covid. Funny enough I had just found the perfect plan B side hustle after a 3 year search. So, you can guess what happened next- I was forced to make it my new plan A. I am a Speaker, Trainer, and Entrepreneur and my passion is developing leaders and pouring into my local community thru charity work. I believe that we each have many areas of expertise that can help others and that is what moved me to start this meeting room. DISC teaches us the different personalities and how to work with them in ALL of our relationships. Stayed tuned for more info….meanwhile lets do a 1 to 1!

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