NTi Meeting Leadership.

Being a Meeting Leader at Networking Today Intl. (NTi) means more than just standing in front of a room and walking through a set of slides.

Proven System

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Training & Resources

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Welcome to NTi Meeting Leadership.

Meeting Leadership at NTi means freedom; we provide you with the autonomy to build a networking meeting the reflects your personality within a proven structure to lead you to success.

Meeting Leadership at NTi means culture; you will be joining an elite group of like-minded leaders who want to build their own networking meeting for themselves but not by themselves. While there are those that believe you give to gain, the culture of NTi is built on the philosophy of giving without keeping score. Our leaders, like our members, are constantly encouraged to give… give to benefit someone besides one’s self. We have a deep-rooted belief that IF every single member gave, not to gain, but to help another, then we would all have what we need — YOU included. As a Meeting Leader, you set the tone… imagine the impact you will have on your community as you advocate and promote the idea of giving without keeping score.

Every Meeting Leader leads for their own reason.

Networking Today

Meeting Leadership means reward; NTi Meeting Leaders have the opportunity to earn a portion of the revenue generated by the meetings they lead. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to lead their own meeting, and all of us agree it takes effort. Of course, the biggest reward comes from the referrals you receive for your own products and service offerings, but NTi also offers revenue sharing options for those who would like an additonal source of income.

Meeting Leader Membership Levels

We offer great prices, and great support to all of our members.

$150.00 / year
ML Basic
$500.00 / year
ML Premium
$1000.00 / year
ML Professional
Unlimited Networking
Community Leadership
0.00 %
20.00 %
20.00 %
Choose Plan Choose Plan Choose Plan

Meeting Leaders who choose Membership Level 2 will receive 20% commission on memberhsip revenue from Local and Online Meeting(s) they lead themselves.

In addition to Membership Level 2 compensation, Meeting Leaders who choose Membership Level 3 will be paid 25% commission on all membership revenue from NTi Meetings they influence to start.

Break-even Analysis

32% of NTi members choose Annual Membership and 37% choose Monthly Membership. On average, $330 is used as the Average Annual Membership Revenue (AAMR) to calculate the following break-even analysis.

Using the $330 AAMR from above, Membership Level 2 Meeting Leaders breakeven with 8 members. Nine or more members, and you’re not only networking at no cost, you’re earning revenue.

Again, using the $330 AAMR from above, Membership Level 3 Meeting Leaders breakeven with 16 of their own members or 8 of their own and only 7 from Level 2 Meetings. Membership Level 3 is by far the most lucrative and attractive for the more experienced networker, and the more entrepreneurial-minded.

Training & Resources

NTi provides multiple weekly training opportunities; however, one of the most attractive benefits of being a Meeting Leader at NTi is learning from Leaders. Our “Unlimited Networking” distinctive provides all members, including Meeting Leaders, the freedom to attend any Local or Online Meeting; which gives all of us the opportunity to learn from each other.

Additionally, we have created a Meeting Leader Resources page online at our website that hosts a plethora of images, training tutorials, and prepared presentation slides.

It’s practically turnkey... All you need to bring is your personality!!