About NTi

Why we began

Quite simply, we saw a need and we filled it.
After years of participation in many different networking groups, founder Rich DeForest, felt that while there were many great things happening among these organizations, something was missing.

The ability to develop true relationships.
Rich knew he needed to continue to gain more exposure for his business and understood that connecting with other business leaders was the way to make it happen. As he looked around his local community of Knoxville, TN, he saw businesses were struggling and wanted to help. The idea was to take a fresh look at networking and create a group with less boundaries and a keen focus on the development of personal relationships.

NTi was born.

The culture of meeting face to face

Humans are built for connection. There is nothing like connecting with people face to face. We are proud of the fact that our NTi meetings feel more like a gathering of friends rather than an overly structured business meeting. Additionally we encourage one to one meetings between members to deepen relationships and facilitate ways to move each other’s business forward.

Our online meetings

NTi online allows for our members to network without boundaries across the globe! We were online before online was cool! When the global pandemic began to emerge, many entrepreneurs, businesses and networking organizations were struggling to stay connected. Not NTi. Our commitment to innovation and making networking easier led us to an early partnership with Zoom out of which online meetings developed. When social distancing was enforced, NTi was ready!


How much does NTi cost?

For $30 a month you are welcome to attend meetings as often as you like, either in person or online

Where does my monthly fee go?

Toward the creation of one of a kind resources that help members connect with more people and grow business.

Do I have to choose between in person and online meetings?

No, the choice is up to you! There are no limits to the number of meetings you attend nor the time or place.

Is there categorical exclusivity?

No, all are welcome. NTi believes there is much to be learned from others, including those within the same industry.

Is there an attendance policy?

There are no attendance policies at NTi. Come because you want to be with your people not because you have to.